At nu onda we’re committed to making changes that help lower the impact on the environment, not only through our sourcing but daily through sustainable practices at our North Beach headquarters. As an evolving small business we believe in always being transparent with our customers. For us, we focus on the small things that can make a big difference every day. 

Here are some of the initiatives we have implemented at nu onda:

  • All invoices are emailed to customers unless requested otherwise, to reduce paper wastage.
  • All online orders are sent in reusable biodegradable post bags. If customers need to return an item, they can reseal each bag they receive from us.
  • We order exclusive quantities from our suppliers to ensure we turn over as many styles as possible, eliminate garment wastage and ensure our customers can enjoy longevity with their purchase.
  • We support local brands; this helps reduce stock travel miles. 
  • All in store orders are packaged in recycled tissue paper and paper bags.


As part of our commitment to a sustainable future, we partner with incredible brands that have gone above and beyond to leave a positive impact on the environment. Our buyer, consciously curates a modern, classic collection each season, hand-picking each style for the store is a well thought out process. We believe in investing in bespoke designs, incorporating exclusive, transeasonal pieces that reflect a luxurious lifestyle. 

We are not only investing in the clothing but also in the designers, their ideas, intellectual property and originality. We strongly believe in SLOW fashion and encourage each one of our customers to buy less and invest in quality, timeless pieces that they will cherish for years to come.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at